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The Complete Guide to 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Whether you are an automotive designer, a manufacturing engineer at an assembly plant, or a race engineer at a budding motorsports team, you should check out this guide.

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“Volkswagen Autoeuropa uses 3D printing to maximize assembly efficiency. By 3D printing manufacturing aids, the company reduces cycle time operation, labor, and the need for reworking – while improving tool ergonomics.”

Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Volkswagen Autoeuropa

“METHOD is one of the most sophisticated units on the market, from the ease of connectivity––we can run all three of our printers from our laptop––”

Paul Doe

Chief Engineer of Chassis

Paul Doe

Chief Engineer of Chassis

“Ford is using 3D printing to reinvent assembly line efficiency. In collaboration with operators, they have saved thousands by 3D printing jigs, tools, and fixtures that optimize production processes.”



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